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Spice Up the Future by Empowering Our Gen Z Queens in AI

In our first 2024 edition of "Slay What Ya Hear!" we're spotlighting a critical and inspiring movement: the empowerment of Gen Z black girls in artificial intelligence (AI). As we enter 2024, the conversation around diversity in technology has never been more vital.

Let's Talk About Changing the Game

Recent studies in 2023 indicate that while women make up 47% of the workforce, they hold only 33% of the roles in the tech-related workforce. Even more concerning, black women represent a mere 3% of this tech workforce. This disparity isn't just a workplace issue; it's a matter of shaping the future of technology to be inclusive and representative of all users.

 We're diving into something as spicy as it is serious. In this whirlwind of a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is the new king of the hill, there's a big question mark: Who's running the show? At Mocha Sprout, we've got our eyes set on the prize – empowering our Gen Z black girls with the ability to sit on that throne!

Why Gen Z?

They're more than just hashtags and trends. Gen Z is poised to become the most educated and diverse generation yet. They're digital natives, growing up in a world where technology is not just a tool but a fundamental part of their lives. By focusing on this demographic, especially black girls who are significantly underrepresented in tech, we can create a seismic shift in how AI is developed and deployed in the future.

Educating the World Mocha Sprout Style

Here at Mocha Sprout, we're not just talking the talk but walking the walk. Our workshops aren't just classes; they're revolutions in session. We're teaching leaders and young queens about AI bias, how to spot it, call it out, and set it straight. 

Mocha Sprout's AI Education Programs are all about this change. Our resources are about understanding the societal impact of AI, recognizing biases in these systems, and advocating for change.

The Path Forward

We aim to expand our reach as we continue our journey in 2024. We're not just consulting and coaching; we're supporting the change-makers who will shape the AI landscape. With every workshop, every program, and every person we empower, we're taking a step towards a more inclusive and unbiased technology. A future where our girls are not just in the room but leading the meeting.

Join Us!

We invite you to join us in this exciting and crucial mission. Whether you're a parent, educator, tech professional, stakeholder, or simply someone who believes in the power of diversity in technology, you have a role to play. 

For all the details on how you can jump on this train, check out and join our mailing list. 

Let's Empower, Educate, and Elevate – Mocha Sprout style!

Remember... Slay What Ya Hear!® Change the Conversation; Change the Perspective!

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