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Biases Awareness Workshops: Conduct workshops and training sessions for organizations to raise awareness about unconscious bias in the learning environment, workplace, and AI and its impact on black girls and women. 

Educational Resources: Create educational resources, such as books and guides, that help organizations and individuals understand and address bias.

Keynote Speaking and Seminars: Keynote speaker for conferences and events. 

Research and Analysis: As an educator and author with degrees in counseling, education, and HR management and a Doctorate in Instructional technology, I can conduct research and analysis on bias for organizations. Can provide valuable insights and reports based on my expertise in the field.

Custom Solutions: Offer customized solutions for organizations that face bias-related challenges in their organizations.

AI Bias in Education/ Training: Offer training programs for educators on understanding and addressing AI bias in education. Provides resources and workshops to empower educational professionals to make informed decisions regarding AI implementation.

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Unconscious Bias & AI Education Programs:  Organize workshops and training sessions for Gen Z black girls to teach them about unconscious bias. Also, offers educational programs and courses tailored to Gen Z black girls, where they can learn about AI, its impact on society, and how to disrupt those biases in AI.

Coaching: Provide services that guide Gen Z black girls to challenge biases. This includes group mentoring and ongoing support.

Collaborate to create Events and Conferences: Partner with organizations to organize events or conferences aimed at Gen Z black girls, where they can network, learn from experts, and showcase their ideas and projects related to bias.

Collaborate to Create Awareness Campaigns: Partner to launch awareness campaigns directed at Gen Z black girls to inspire and mobilize them to challenge AI bias and promote inclusivity.

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