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Addressing Subtle Words and Actions

~Immediately improve the outcomes for black girls/women by simply changing daily conversations.~

You are here because you desire to help black girls/women engage and provide a sense of belonging in the learning environment or workplace. You understand that the learning environment or workplace can reinscribe trauma for black girls/women. You understand there is a need to dismantle the current perspective. You want black girls/women to succeed and break down barriers.

I am here to help you:

  • raise awareness of unconscious bias and microaggressions 

  • understand the psychological impact of microaggressions on black girls/women

  • achieve success by giving black girls/women a sense of belonging in the learning environment, the work place, and technology

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Dr. Misty D. Freeman

Where It Began and Where It Is Headed

Dr. Misty grew up and currently lives in South Alabama. She lives about an hour south of Montgomery, which hosted several civil rights icons. Her childhood consisted of poverty and survival. She knew education was the only way out. As a black woman, she has experienced unconscious bias and racial microaggressions. This bias occurred in her pursuit of higher education and professional roles. She has had people ask to touch my hair, which implied that it was exotic or different, and they could touch it. She experienced store workers following her around in stores. Following her suggested that she did not belong. These experiences left her feeling terrible. Just imagine these behaviors and their impact on Gen Z black girls/women.

She has held various positions as an educator with over 20 years of experience. She worked as a social caseworker, special education teacher, school administrator, and director of special education. From her expertise, she quickly learned that there needs to be more focus on the experiences of Gen Z black girls/women. She addressed her calling: the desire to promote effective learning and inclusion for girls/women of color. There seems to be a gap in information on how unconscious bias impacts girls and women of color. In March 2021, Mocha Sprout was developed to help leaders and organizations achieve sustainable growth and become culturally responsive by creating new viewpoints. She is a thought leader, author, unconscious bias coach, and AI futurist. Her mission is to help others understand and transform their perspective of the impact of unconscious bias on girls and women of color at the intersection of learning, the workplace, and technology.

The vision for Mocha Sprout is for one to move beyond the surface and rise higher to cultivate new perspectives. On a personal note, she loves to write, read and travel. Also, she is a strong advocate for self-care. 

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