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Cultivating New Perspectives

 (with Dr. Misty D. Freeman)

~Unconscious Bias Coach~

Founder & CEO, Mocha Sprout 

Racial Microaggressions Consultant,

Advocate for Gen Z Black Girls/Women (Through Personal Development and Pursuit of Careers in Technology), K-12 & Postsecondary Leader, AI Futurist

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New Book Release

Unconscious Algorithms

The book "Unconscious Algorithms" explores the intersection of race, gender, neuroscience, unconscious bias, and artificial intelligence. It is divided into twelve chapters that delve into the legacy of racism and sexism in science and technology, how neuroscience shapes our perceptions of race and gender, the role of culture and environment in shaping our perceptions, and the concept of intersectionality. The book discusses the risks and opportunities of AI and how it can perpetuate biases and discrimination while emphasizing the need for diverse representation in AI development. In addition, it explores the importance of education and training in preparing Gen Z black girls and women for the future, ethical and accountability concerns surrounding AI development, and the potential of AI to address social inequities. Finally, case studies of AI applications that have successfully promoted diversity and equity are presented. It summarizes the key takeaways and offers recommendations for creating more equity in technology. Overall, the book offers a comprehensive understanding of the intersection of race, gender, neuroscience, unconscious bias, and artificial intelligence and provides actionable recommendations for creating more inclusivity. It is an essential read for anyone interested in the intersection of these topics and their impact on society.

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"Relentlessly pursue transformation."

Dr. Misty D. Freeman

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Mocha Sprout

Founded to Serve Two Primary Purposes

1. To help others identify microaggressions and unconscious bias against Gen Z girls/women of color and disrupt their effect in the learning environment, workforce, and technology (primarily artificial intelligence).

2. To advocate for the Gen-Z black girl through personal development and encouragement of careers in technology.

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