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Letter From Gen Z Black Girl to Alpha Black Girl

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It. ~Abraham Lincoln

Greetings, Alpha Black Girls!

I hope you are creating and enjoying technology. It has been less challenging than it is today. Gen Z was determined to use technology to our advantage. Although the world was constantly changing, we tried to stay ahead. We were at the intersection of race and gender and received little assistance. We faced discrimination, lack of representation, and difficulty breaking through a male-dominated profession. As a result, we had to learn as much as we could.

We faced obstacles such as a lack of preparation and the digital divide. However, we knew breaking barriers for future generations like yourself was crucial. Our efforts resulted in online communities which provided support and learning opportunities. In addition, we created coding camps and STEM programs and targeted black girls. We offered the skills black girls needed to succeed in the tech industry.

As time passed, we began to make our mark in the tech world. You see many of us associated with Web3, blockchain technology, AI, machine learning, and other rapidly growing areas in tech. We started creating our innovative apps and software. Also, many of our names are connected to some of the biggest tech companies in the world. We were determined to change the perception of black girls in technology. We proved that with access and opportunities, we are just as capable and qualified as our peers.

We hope we have shown you all how to break through barriers and excel in tech. So please keep pushing forward, believe in yourself, and never give up on your dreams to work in technology. We hope that you continue to fight for representation. We have shown you that technology is not just about numbers and codes but a platform that can change and improve people's lives.

As you continue making a difference in technology, we know you will carry on the legacy with pride. When others tell you it's impossible, we encourage you to "Slay What Ya Hear!" With work and determination, anything is possible. We urge you to inspire the next generations of black girls in tech.

Your Sister In Code,

Gen Z Black Girl

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