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I See Me in Web3!

“Don’t sit around and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.” -Madam C. J. Walker

As Web3 continues to mature, we need to examine who has a seat at the table. As we focus on amplifying the voices of Gen Z black girls, we need to ensure they have accessibility to Web3 technology. They need to be aware of the concepts of Web3 and the potential it has as a change agent in the future. Positive mentorship is required. Black girls feel like they belong in technology when they see other black women leading in the field.

Despite the evolution of technology, black talent is underrepresented, especially black women. Black women only account for 1.7% of the tech workforce (, 2021). There has to be representation to increase the percentage of workforce participation. In addition, black girls face systematic barriers in K-12 that continue in the workplace. Unfortunately, black girls are subjected to practices that reduce their opportunities to pursue technical fields. As a result, it is a challenge for them to access and retain careers in technology.

The pipeline for preparing Gen Z black girls for Web3 technologies begins with awareness and exposure. Representation and mentorship are essential. Fortunately, Gen Z black girls are in tune with social media and digital marketing. However, many of not privy to the opportunities with Web3 in the future. They need to know they can create content, monetize data, develop digital and metaverse worlds, and create a more decentralized experience.

Once there is an awareness, the pipeline extends to transformational inventiveness. Education and training must lead to interest and perceived sustainability in Web3 technologies. Beyond technical skills, soft skills and leadership skills are essential for black girls to achieve sustained success in technology.

As we plan, we must ensure that black girls can say….”I see me in Web3!” Resources and support are needed for them to succeed. Everyone will benefit if we expand and allow black girls and women in Web3. But, as always, lean into Web3 conversations that exclude Gen Z black girls and …” Slay What Ya Hear!”

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